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Learning Outcomes

We aim to 

  • Provide students with authentic learning experiences that will nurture their interest and arouse their curiosity about the environment
  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and processes essential for scientific inquiry
  • Provide students with the necessary skills that will allow them to explore and develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Allow students to understand how Science influences people and the environment


Pedagogical Approaches

Our Science curriculum is designed around the 5E Inquiry approach, in which learners actively construct meaning from their learning experiences in connection with their prior understanding. Opportunities are provided to pique students’ curiosity and allow them to explore and make connection of what is learnt in and beyond the classroom. 

Hands-on activities engage students as well as develop an understanding of scientific investigation and concepts. Carefully selected enrichments programmes, e.g. learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and workshops conducted by East Zone Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Science, are organised to augment learning amongst our students.

Key Programmes

Engaging Students to Take Climate Action for a Sustainable Future

Singapore has designated 2018 as our Year of Climate Action. In an effort to encourage the school community to reduce our carbon footprint, and thus climate change, assembly programmes and classroom activities are organised to raise our students' awareness of on how everyone can play a part in reducing waste, and saving energy and water.

Notwithstanding, our Environment Champions learn to manage food waste in a holistic manner by focussing on minimisation and recycling. They use food digesters to turn food waste into compost for plants in school. Through their heightened awareness and active participations, students are exposed to reduce and recycle food waste and contribute towards Singapore becoming a Zero Waste Nation.