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Physical and Health Education

Learning Outcomes

We aim to do the following through the Physical Education Curriculum at Angsana Primary School:

      • Develop our pupils to be physically educated, equipping them to be competent in fundamental movements
      • Provide opportunities for our pupils to participate in a variety of sports and games
      • Inculcate in our pupils with good physical education knowledge, attitudes and values, so they can go on to lead active and healthy lifestyles throughout their lives

Pedagogical Approaches

Our PE teachers are all qualified PE teachers and they employ a wide spectrum of approaches in the teaching of Physical Education. These include the Movement Education Model, Games Concept Approach (GCA) and Sports Education Model.

Catering to the profile of our pupils, we engage them through various instructional techniques encapsulated in Mosston’s teaching styles for PE. 

Key Programmes

Our PE Curriculum includes the following components:

      • Dance
      • Games and Sports
      • Gymnastics
      • Physical Health and Fitness
      • Outdoor Education
      • Swimming
      • Athletics 

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Our Calendar

Term Event
      • CCA Induction and Orientation
      • Sports Captain Training
      • NAPFA Challenge
      • Healthy Week Programme @ Angsana
      • e-CCA Open House
      • Sports Education Programme
      • Upper Primary Sports League - Primary 4, 5 and 6