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Mother Tongue Languages


In Singapore, bilingualism is especially important. It is also an essential part of what makes us unique as a nation. Learning your mother tongue is about survival and knowing who we are. Through learning of Mother Tongue Languages, we make connections to our heritage and culture, we acquire communication skills to connect with each other and also deepen our understanding of our culture.

In Angsana, we aim to :

1.    Promote the joy of learning Mother Tongue languages and culture in our students.
2.    Nurture our students to be confident and effective in communicating in their Mother Tongue.

We offer the following Mother Tongue Languages in our curriculum:

  • Chinese Language (华文)
  • Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu)
  • Tamil Language (தமிழ் மொழி)

Pedagogical Approaches

We adopt a communicative approach towards the teaching of Mother Tongue Languages. Students learn best when they are given the opportunity to use the language. As students have a spectrum of learning style, teachers also make an effort to differentiate their teaching. Teachers helped our students to accomplish the same learning content using different instructional strategies, or delivering lessons at various levels of difficulty based on the ability of each student.

Key Programmes

We plan and implement several programmes to provide our students with diverse and authentic learning experiences. We believed that other than learning in a classroom, going beyond the boundaries of classroom, will enable our students to widen their horizon and enrich their learning. Having a bustling environment can enable our students to learn and use their Mother Tongue languages.

  • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

  • Mother Tongue Language Cultural Camp

  • Celebration of Cultural Festivals
  • Cultural Learning Journeys
  • Language-related cultural performances
  • Conversational Chinese and Malay

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