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Mother Tongue Languages

Learning Outcomes

Angsana Primary School aims to :

  • Instil in the pupils the love of the mother tongue language and in turn enjoy learning the language
  • Help pupils grow in confidence in using the language as they successfully accomplished the learning tasks set in the curriculum and reach for new goals
  • Develop pupils who will be forthcoming in trying new things and soar to greater heights
  • Nurture pupils who love the language and has the desire to master the language


Pedagogical Approaches

All Mother Tongue programmes are built around differentiated instruction to maximise pupil’s learning potential. Inter-disciplinary Mother Tongue lessons implementation will allow pupils to discover strengths and thus develop holistically.

Higher Mother Tongue subject will be offered from P5 and P6 to cater to the needs of pupils with high abilities. 

The overarching pedagogical approach is modular, while ICT serves as a key learning support which aims to enhance the learning of MTL through ICT platforms such as 10CMT, IMTL.

The new MT Curriculum will be implemented from 2015 for Primary 1. Parents can refer to the E-Info Sheet below. New PSLE examination format will also be implemented in 2017 alongside with the new curriculum.

With the new curriculum in mind, mother tongue lessons will focus more on getting the pupils to articulate their opinions and feelings. Lessons will centre on scaffolding, breaking up the learning into chunks and then providing a tool, or structure, with each chunk.  Apart from manipulatives such as word cards, tools used in class also includes ICT learning platform, iPad app programs. Lessons in class will also place emphasis on oracy skills encouraging pupils to practise and use the language.


Key Programmes

Our school offers Mother Tongue Programmes which help develop pupils holistically. Some of the enrichment programmes include:

  • Mother Tongue Fortnight Program
  • Cultural Camp
  • Conversational Chinese Malay
  • Cultural Learning Journeys


Support Programmes

Our school also offers enrichment and support programmes such as :

  • Reading programmes such as Meet an Author Session, Read with Me Program
  • Writing Enrichment
  • Supplementary lessons

These programmes are designed so that pupils are well supported in the learning of the language.