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At Angsana Primary School, the Mathematics department is committed to providing students with varied opportunities to learn concepts, skills and attitudes to become competent problem solvers. Not only do we strive to make learning fun for our students, we also promote the development of 21st century competencies which will serve them well in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) future.
The Mathematics department believes that every student can become a problem solver if given appropriate opportunities and guidance. Hence, in addition to our curriculum-aligned Mathematics programme within the classrooms, we have in place different programmes that cater to our diverse student population:

Mighty Maths Mondays (Recess Programme)
This programme is open to all students in Angsana Primary School. For a few Mondays each semester, different games and activities are organised for students from the different levels, primarily to pique their interest in problem solving and to provide them with opportunities to think critically beyond the classroom. Thanks to the volunteers from our Parent Support Group who help out at these sessions, our students are able to receive the necessary support to complete the planned activities and games.

Maths Innovates! (Enrichment Programme)
This programme is planned for all students to promote learning beyond the classroom. As the nation emphasises the importance of lifelong learning, we recognise that this love and thirst to learn needs to be cultivated from young. In this programme, students are engaged in fun activities that support the development of problem solving skills and attitudes. In the process, students also learn about computational thinking and how it can help them to solve problems.

Maths Olympiad Programme (“Stretch programme” for selected students)
This programme caters to selected P5 and P6 students who demonstrate the disposition and ability to pursue the learning of Mathematics at a higher level. Students in this programme attend a series of training sessions after school hours to learn different approaches to solve higher order thinking questions such that their learning is not restricted to the confinements of the syllabus. Students will then be given the opportunities to represent the school in Mathematics competitions at the cluster, zonal and/or national level.