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English Language


Learning Outcomes

We aim to do the following through the English curriculum at Angsana Primary School:

  • Develop the love for the English Language in pupils
  • Develop our pupils into effective and confident communicators of English
  • Engage our pupils in rich learning experiences to develop foundational skills such as reading, writing and speaking


Pedagogical Approaches

We use the STELLAR Approach in the teaching and learning of English Language at Angsana Primary School. Learning tasks and activities are designed for pupils to learn language skills in authentic and meaningful contexts. The skills will be taught, revised and revisited at increasing levels of difficulty and complexity as the child progresses from the foundational level to higher levels of language use.

Key Programmes

Reading and Viewing

Reading programmes at Angsana Primary develop students’ skills in Aesthetic Reading and Efferent Reading. The former focuses on the reader’s thoughts, images, feelings and associations evoked during reading. The reader takes the efferent stance when he reads to take away facts, information or ideas. Some examples of skills acquired by pupils include analyse, reader response, organise and evaluate. 

Writing and Representing

The customised writing programme at Angsana Primary is designed alongside reading programmes and grammar teaching. Students are exposed to writing a variety of text types. They would be taught to visually present both print and non-print work through the different software and art materials. 

Listening and speaking

Students engage in speech and drama activities, poetry recitation, dramatize a story through reader’s theatre and plays. Opportunities are given to pupils to hone their skills through performing for parents, guests and their fellow school mates during the pre-assembly programmes, department programmes and commemorative events. 

Support Programmes 

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

The LSP is a specialised early intervention programme aimed at providing learning support to Primary 1 and 2 pupils with weak English language and literacy skills. Pupils are identified for LSP through a systematic screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary 1. The objective of the LSP is to equip pupils with basic literacy skills so that they could access learning in the regular classroom. 

School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme 

The SDR programme is a two-year intervention programme for Primary 3 and 4 pupils. Pupils are identified for the programme through a systematic screening process for dyslexia conducted at the end of Primary 2. The objective of the programme is to equip pupils with strategies to overcome difficulties in reading, spelling and comprehension.


Useful Websites

STELLAR: www.stellarliteracy.sg
Discovery Kids: http://discoverykids.com/
Storytelling Online: http://www.storylineonline.net/
Longman Online Dictionary: http://www.ldoceonline.com/