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Learning Outcomes

Our Vision

Every Angsana Student will realise their passion through the appreciation and pursuit of the Arts.

Our Mission

We aim to create a vibrant, engaging and holistic environment that nurtures the artistic and creative potential of our students, building their confidence, developing an  innovative mind and a resilient spirit.

Pedagogical Approaches

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Through the 4E framework, the Arts programme is carefully crafted to provide a diverse arts experience for our students.

1. Expose learners to different art forms to enhance learning beyond the classrooms.
2. Allow learners to Experience and immerse in an arts environment to deepen and enrich learning.
3. Create opportunities for learners to Express knowledge and skills
4. Development of interests & talents, nurture creative expression, Excel & pursue a lifelong passion in the arts


Big Ideas in Art
Art helps us to see in new ways
Art tells stories about our world
Art influences how we live

Four Key Components of the Learning Content

Artistic Processes
Visual Qualities

Guiding Principles
Student centricity; Process, Progress & product; Contextualised learning; Range and choice;
Interactive engagement; Culture of inquiry; Shared and inclusive memories of art learning; Joy of learning

Key Programmes

Our Arts Curriculum

    • A progressive 6-years Art Curriculum
      • Developing an artistic child through Seeing, Expressing, Appreciating
    • Art Appreciation of local and western artists and art forms
    • Use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning
      • Core Draw
    • Art Experience with Ceramics
    • Art Experience with Digital Media
    • P4 Museum-based Learning

Gallery tour and print workshop at Singapore Tyler print Institute (STPI) in Term 1.

    • Leave a Legacy Project for P6
    • Art Outreach Assembly Programmes
    • Art Outreach Presentation by Students
    • Arts Alive @ Angsana


Big Ideas in Music
Music facilitates learning and encourage creative expression
Music helps us to relate to self and other things that are of meaning in life.
Music fosters connection to other aspects of our world

Five Key Components of the Learning Content

Guiding Principles
Student Centricity; Direct Experiences in Listening, Performing and Creating;
Foster Appreciation of Music in Local and Global Culture;
Nurture a Lifelong Connection to Music through the Acquisition of Basic Music Literacy and Performing Skills;
Joy of Learning

Key Programmes

Our Music Curriculum

    • A progressive 6-years Music Curriculum
      • Developing the musical child through Singing, Listening, Playing, Listening and Creating
    • Use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning
      • Garageband
    • P3 Celebrating Folksongs from Singapore and Our Neighbours
    • P4 Celebrating Tunes from Musicals
    • Arts Experience with Sound Shapes
    • Arts Experience with Ethnic Percussion
    • Music Appreciation of Western and Chinese Orchestra
    • Community sing along sessions – Just Sing Wednesdays
    • Happy Thursdays – Music Recital & Presentation and Just Dance sessions
    • Music Outreach Assembly Programmes
    • Arts Alive

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