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Art and Music

Learning Outcomes

We believe in the importance of a holistic education and the need for the balance in academic and non-academic areas.

Through our programmes, we aim to:

  • create a vibrant, engaging and holistic environment that nurtures the artistic and creative potential of the pupils
  • develop confidence, resilience and a spirit of innovation in pupils


Pedagogical Approaches

Through the 4E framework, the Aesthetics programme is carefully crafted at each level to provide a diverse arts experience for all students.

  • Exposure

Through the 6 years Aesthetics programme, pupils will progressively be introduced to appreciate different genres of visual and performing arts. They will be given opportunities to learn and acquire the knowledge and skills in both visual and performing arts.

  • Expression

Pupils will be given opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings through the Arts and promote their love for the Arts through Music performances and Art fringe activities conducted during recesses, and school events.

  • Experience

Learning Journeys and Arts assembly programmes aims to bring pupils beyond the classroom to immerse in an arts environment that will deepen and enhance their learning in the arts.

  • Excel

The school is committed to develop aspiring talents to showcase and promote their love for the arts.

- Participating in school-based and national competitions


Key Programmes

Our Aesthetics Curriculum

·         A progressive 6-years Art and Music Curriculum

-       Developing an artistic child through Seeing, Expressing, Appreciating (Art)

-       Developing the musical child through Singing, Listening, Playing, Listening, Creating (Music)

·         Art Exposure to 3D Ceramics and Printmaking

·         Art Appreciation of local and western artists and art forms

·         Music Exposure to Sound Shapes, Ethnic Percussion and Digital Music Production

·         Music Appreciation of Western and Chinese Orchestra

·         Use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning

-       Heart of the Singapore River

-       Garageband

·         Community singing and recess ‘busking’ experiences


Key Events




·         P4 Chingay National Education Show


·         P2 Singapore Symphonic Orchestra Concert

·         P3 – P4 Song Fiesta: Celebrating Folk Songs from Asia,

                                     Celebrating Tunes from Musicals


·         P5 Learning Journey to the Dragon Kiln


·         Singapore Rhapsodies

·         P3 Feed Your Imagination Drama Performance and Esplanade Tour


·         Angsana Arts Alive - An Aesthetics Day to celebrate the Arts


·         Assemblies – Just Sing Wednesdays and Musical Fridays

·         Singapore Youth Festival Exhibitions and Presentations


In partnership with Sing50 Fund and Keppel Nights Programme.