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Parent Support Group

The Angsana Primary School Parents Support Group

The ASPS Parent Support Group (PSG) is a voluntary group of parents and an integral part of the school community. The PSG works with the school to provide opportunities for parents to take part in the intellectual, social and emotional development of the children. Support is provided through a range of activities and services for our pupils, teachers and parents. We would like to encourage you to be involved and contribute to foster a vibrant and nurturing community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and get involved in the life of the school. We welcome your participation and assure you that it is a worthwhile endeavour that you will find personally rewarding and fun!

3 Key Roles of PSG:

1. Supporting Partner in Education

The PSG complements the school by aligning the PSG-run activities with the school’s objectives, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to improve our children’s well-being and learning

2. Bridge Between Parents and School

The PSG listens to parents’ feedback on school operations, practices and programmes, and provides feedback to the school. The PSG also facilitates the school’s communication to parents.

3. Magnet to Attract Other Parents

Parents who are actively involved in the PSG are better able to reach out to other parents and involve them. Over time, more parents can contribute to make the school environment more conducive for learning

Possible Areas For Contributions by PSG

Partner and support the school by volunteering your 3Ts.. 

1. Time
Parents can volunteer their time to support school’s programmes and events. Supporting PSG members can help to make the school a safe place for our children to learn in, making school life more vibrant and caring
2. Talent
Parents can volunteer their expertise, talents, individual interests or personal networks. In this way, parents can significantly expand the pool of help available to the school and PSG.

3. Thoughts
Parents can brainstorm and contribute constructive feedback and ideas to improve school and PSG. More experienced parents can share experience and advice with younger parents too

Possible Areas For Contributions by PSG
To provide support and expertise in the following areas:

  • School Libary 
  • Career Talks
  • Buddy Reading Programme 
  • Learning Journeys 
  • Recess Parent 
  • School Events (Eg Racial Harmony Day, Teacher's Day, Sports Day) 
  • Science Garden 
  • Any other PSG initiated programmes/bonding 

If you are interested in joining the PSG, please email us at angsanapsg@gmail.com

School-based workshops on Parenting Tips for Angsana Parents

With consultation with PSG members and the school’s Family Matter Coordinator, the school has selected a variety of talks on Parenting Tips for all our parents. These talks are heavily subsidized and we would like to encourage all our parents to take this advantage of this opportunity and sign up for these talks. 

A brief summary of talks that have been conducted and upcoming talks: 

2 January 2018:  Preparing Your Child for Primary One


21 April 2018: The 5 Languages of Love – Connecting with your loved ones


18 May 2018: Correcting in Love – Positive Discipline


6 July 2018 : Managing Exam Anxiety and Stress


Upcoming Talks on Parenting Tips:

Sat 28 August 2018 (10am-12pm): Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming excessive gaming.

Sat 20 October 2018(10am-12pm): Hot Tips on Parenting.

Active PSG support in school’s recess activities