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2018 MOE Edusave Character Award

In 2012, MOE introduced the Edusave Character Award (ECHA) to enable schools to recognise students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. This is part of the larger goal to foster an inclusive and stronger Singapore as schools broaden the qualities and achievements to be encouraged and applauded. 

At Angsana Primary School, we wish to recognise students who consistently live up to the school values and are role models who inspire others around them. 

To be eligible for the award, the student must be a Singapore Citizen. He/She should also attain an ‘Excellent’ conduct grade for the year. For a more holistic representation of the awardees, the school will be gathering input from teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders, which include CCA coaches and school vendors. We would like to invite parents to nominate students who are deserving of the award. You may download the form here and submit to the school office by Friday, 3 August 2018.