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Programme for Active Learning

Learning Outcomes

PAL stands for Programme for Active Learning. It consists of modules in 4 different domains namely Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts, which provide broad exposure to the pupils.

While in the orientation years of the primary school, we aim to:

  • Provide our young pupils with not just the content knowledge, but also mastering skills and acquiring values to thrive in the future
  • Develop our pupils holistically, as PAL contributes to a well-rounded curriculum
  • Develop our pupils’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL). For example, we teach pupils to manage and express their emotions when they win or lose in a game


Pedagogical Approaches

In Angsana Primary School, we adapt Kraft and Sakofs (1988) experiential education model known as the Engage-Discover-Reflect (EDR) model: 




In addition, for PAL to be effective and achieving its intent, we employ other pedagogies which includes:

  • Inquiry-based Learning
  • Experiential Learning


PAL Domains

PAL Domains include:

Sports and Games – Fundamental Movement
This module introduces pupils to the elements of sports & games through basic fundamental movement. Elements of teambuilding games are also incorporated. Pupils learn through movement exploration, creative movement and modified sports and games. Through this module, Primary 1 pupils will learn to express their emotions and increase their spatial and bodily awareness as well as locomotor / non-locomotor skills. Moving forward in Primary 2, pupils will learn how to work cooperatively with one another such as resolving conflicts and differences.


Outdoor Education – Nature for Kids
In this module, pupils get the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in its natural form. They will have a wide range of experiences ranging from basic orienteering around the school, packing for the outdoors, first aid application and even get to grow their own herbs! Through these meaningful activities, pupils will learn to appreciate the nature and Singapore's rich biodiversity through the study of flora and fauna and the community living in it.


Visual Arts – Creative Expression

Our Primary 1 pupils will learn about basic elements of art and have fun working collaboratively to create patterned tiles on paper using compressed foam boards. This allows the pupils to practise responsible decision making by identifying problems, evaluating and reflecting on their learning processes.

Our Primary 2 pupils will create and explore possibilities using a combination of clay and recyclables, collaboratively transforming their work into an installation. The group activities help the pupils build good relationships with their peers. This is done through taking another’s perspective, exploring and experimenting with the provided tools, cooperating as they share tools, and negotiating roles and material use.

Experimental in nature, these art activities not only provide opportunities for pupils to create, but also incorporate social emotional learning such as relationship management, helping them to forge good relationships with other pupils and being expressive through group interaction, presentations and experimentation.

Performing Arts – Speech and Drama

Speech and drama offers children the opportunity to master techniques and skills necessary for effective communication. Our Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils will learn to use elements of drama to build their self-confidence and collaborative skills to enhance their cognitive development. Through this experience, our pupils will also develop their social skills as they interact and perform together in groups.