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Co-Curricular Activities

Learning Outcomes

The CCA Programme is an integral part of our students' holistic education in Angsana Primary School.

The CCA Programme provides students with a platform to discover their interests and talents. Students progressively develop CCA-specific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through sustained participation in any of the CCA groups. CCA also offer excellent platforms for students to learn core values, social and emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies.

All CCAs emphasize social interaction by providing a common space for friendships and social integration amongst students of diverse backgrounds. Through CCA, students develop a sense of identity and belonging to the school.

Category CCA Day Time Teacher-in-Charge
Physical Sports Football Tuesday
3pm - 5.30pm

Mr Mohamad Razali Jambari
Mr Tan Shao Wei Danial
Mr Muhammad Fadhli bin Jamaluddin

Netball Tuesday 3pm - 5pm

Mrs Weinie Tan-Teo Wei Chiew
Ms Nur Yaisyah Bte Mohd Yasin

Badminton Friday 3pm - 5pm

Mr Kiew Kwok Fong Victor
Mdm Ratna Sari Hussain
Mdm Heryani Bte Hamid

Wushu Monday Friday 3pm - 5pm

Mrs Tan-Ong Yian Ping
Mdm Safura Bte Sallim

Clubs & Societies Info Comm Club Tuesday 3pm - 5pm

Mdm Ellianie Bte Sahrom
Mr Jerome Leow Yong Long
Ms Lim Mei Wah

Young Explorers Friday 3pm - 5pm

Ms Chung Sin Le
Mr Hasvinnath Pillai Shastri
Mdm Lim Bee Fung Julia

Visual & Performing Arts Concert Band Tuesday  3pm - 5pm

Mdm Mayrah Abdullah Loh
Ms Maragatham d/o Sivalingam
Mdm Fatimah Bte Mohd
Ms Toh Ying Han

Friday  3pm - 5pm
 Art ClubTuesday3pm - 5pm 

Mdm Jamilah Bte Abdullah
Ms Joanne Ng Si Wei

Choir Friday 3pm - 5pm

Ms Marianne Long
Mr Tay Kim Loong Jonathan

International Dance Friday 3pm - 5pm

Ms Li Siyi
Mdm Huang Liyi

Uniformed Groups Red Cross Friday 3pm - 5pm

Mdm Chin Huimin Sheila
Ms Wong Yi Ling Elieen
Mr Mazhar s/o Tayeb

Scouts Friday 3pm - 5pm 

Mr Yam Choon Hian
Mdm Nur Hidayati Bte Abdul Rahman
Mr Wong Chun Kiat Jeremy