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National Education (NE)

Learning Outcomes

As part of holistic education, National Education in Angsana Primary teaches our pupils to:

  • study and play in harmony with pupils of different nationalities and ethnic groups. They learn to respect and appreciate our racial and cultural diversity.
  • know the Singapore Story, appreciate out uniqueness, strengthen their bonds to Singapore and be a responsible citizen who contributes to society. They also learn to understand the constraints and challenges faced by our small nation and appreciate the Singapore that they live in today.


Pedagogical Approaches

In Angsana Primary School, we provide opportunities for our pupils to be familiar with and internalise the NE messages at the end of six years of their primary education. 

Through classroom discussions and engaging NE events and activities, which are customised to different levels, pupils are engaged in meaningful ways that enable them to understand Singapore her history and people better. NE is also integrated into Social Studies and Character & Citizenship Education lessons.


Key Programmes

NE Core Events The 4 core NE events commemorates annually on the dates listed :

     • Total Defence Day – 15 January

     • International Friendship Day- the third Friday in Term 2 

     • Racial Harmony Day – 21 July 

     • National Day – 8 August 

The commemoration of NE events are organized around themes which allows the pupils to have a holistic experience of the event.