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School Crest

 Angsana School Logo



The Angsana Crest represents the emergence of a school with a fresh pioneering spirit, built upon the strong heritage of two schools from early Singapore.  Our school is named after the Angsana Tree, a majestic tree that graces many of the main roads around our island, providing shade and shelter with its lush foliage and expansive canopy.


The design

The silhouette of the letter “A” is symbolic of the name of our school.  The two lines merge to form the tree trunk, leading to a circular crown of the tree.  The tree represents the holistic education offered to all pupils, promising growth and potential for a bright and better future.  The tree rises up and goes above and beyond the frame of the letter “A”, signifying the aspirations of our staff and pupils to continuously strive and aim for excellence in all our pursuits. The heart signifies the importance of character and citizenship education in our programmes, guided by our R3n () values – Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Integrity.


The colours

Red   Heart to Care:  symbolic of our  love and appreciation for our family, school, community and nation

Green Committed to Learn:  for an environment of harmony and growth that we will create in our school

Blue Steadfast to Serve:  for honesty and the strong sense of responsibility that we will seek to nurture in everyone who walks through the portals of our school