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Learning Outcomes

The Science department aims to:

  • Provide pupils with authentic learning experiences that will nurture their interest and arouse their curiosity about the environment
  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and processes essential for scientific inquiry
  • Provide pupils with the necessary skills that will allow them to explore and develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Allow pupils to understand how Science influences people and the environment


Pedagogical Approaches

Our Science curriculum is designed around the 5E Inquiry approach, in which learners actively construct meaning from their learning experiences in connection with their prior understanding. Opportunities are provided to pique pupils’ curiosity and allow them to explore and make connection of what is learnt in and beyond the classroom. 

 Science hands-on activities are designed to engage pupils, helping them develop an understanding of scientific investigation and develop their understanding of concepts. Enrichment programmes are also organised to further enhance learning amongst the pupils

Key Programmes

Engaging Environment Champions in Food Waste Management

Environment Champions will learn to manage food waste in a holistic way in Angsana Primary School focusing on minimisation and recycling. They will undergo a workshop to learn and be aware on how food waste can be converted into something useful for the environment. They will use food waste digesters to convert food waste into compost for plants in the school. Through the heighten awareness and participation, we hope that our students will be more exposed to reduce and recycle food waste and contribute towards becoming a Zero Waste Nation. 

Science Explorers Programme

The Science Explorers Programme aims to introduce the P6 students to various scientific concepts that may not be covered at the Primary school level. Through their exploration, it is hoped that the selected students will deepen their understanding of Science topics and continue to inculcate their love for Science. Deserving students will be identified to represent the school at national Science events.

2017 Angsana Environment Month

Students will be given opportunities to learn experientially about the different aspects of the environment. They will experience interesting and interactive assembly skits, explore an interesting array of recess activities such as observing, touching and feeling the marine animals in a marine touch tank and other activities on how they can reduce their carbon footprints and learn about simple yet essential ways on what they can do to reduce energy and resource consumption in school and at home. 

To set the stage for inquiry and make their thinking visible, students will also be encouraged to reflect and think about what they have seen through the routine of See, Think and Wonder. Through the experiential learning, the students will gain deeper understanding on marine biodiversity in Singapore, threats to our ecosystem and the role that they can play in conservation through the four R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycling and take collective action to reduce the environmental impact of our actions and make Singapore more resilient in the face of climate change.

The events for the Angsana Environment month includes the following:

  • Launch of One-Stop Learning Students Portal - Angsana Environment Month Google Site for all students from         Primary 1 to 6 via the learning management system, with the aim to promote self-directed learning and to               deepen learning on Earth and the Environment.
  • Launch of Weekly Exhibition Booths and ICT Booth with laptops for public access by students to post their             reflections using the thinking routine of See-Think-Wonder. Students are encoureaged to suggest good ideas to       reduce water and electricity usage in school via the platform Ideas@Angsana or even share their ideas on                 upcycling and their thoughts on how to exhibit kindness towards the Environment.

  • Exciting and Fun Recess Activities:

    7 March and 9 March 2017 – Marine Touch Tank Station and Amphibians Station 

    21 March and 23 March 2017 – Chicks and Quails Station and Hydroponics Station 

    28 March 2017 – Investigate Water Quality Station

    The Gallery Displays at Angsana Primary School will include the following: 

    - Singapore Biodiversity (Flora and Fauna, Heritage Trees and Different Habitats found around Singapore) 

    - Park Etiquette and its Importance 

    - Conserve our Environment 

    - Interactive Exhibits on Ways to Conserve Water and Electricity 

    - Ways to Reduce Our Carbon Footprints 

    • Morning assembly talks for whole school on the following topics: 

        - Marine Biodiversity and Conservation 

        - Reducing Our Carbon Footprints and Man’s Impact on the Environment

    Kids Invent with Toy Making

    An enrichment programme is designed to engage students to learn and apply Science concepts into their toy creations. Through the process, the students will turn their ideas into reality, learn through making and become creative and innovative thinkers. 

    The toys that include the creative use of recycled materials, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and fun to play with will be submitted for the Sony Creative Science Awards competition organised by the Science Centre Singapore.